Early Orthodontic Treatment

Early treatment may be necessary for younger patients to allow for proper dentofacial development as well as proper tooth positioning. We only recommend early treatment when it will make a difference to your child’s long term dental development and minimize treatment spent in braces or prevent the need for a permanent tooth removed. Frequently needed treatment procedures include expansion, treatment of skeletal discrepancies (jaw and teeth not growing in alignment), and habit appliances (appliance to deter thumb sucking).

Early treatment gives us the opportunity to influence the following:

A) Harmonize the width of the dental arches, correct crossbites, make room for erupting permanent teeth

B) Influence jaw growth in a positive manner (For example, begin to treat Class II cases where the upper teeth and bones are ahead of the lower; begin to treat Class III cases where the lower teeth and bones are ahead of the upper)

C) Improve eruption patterns reducing the likelihood of impacted permanent teeth

D) Lower the risk of trauma to protruded upper incisors

E) Eliminate harmful oral habits

F) Preserve or gain space for eruption of permanent teeth