Pendulum/Pendex – Before & After Treatment

In many Class II cases (upper teeth ahead of lower teeth – protrusive maxillary teeth), getting the molars in the upper arch distalized to fit into the correct relationship with the lower teeth is our biggest and most time consuming challenge.

The pendulum appliance is inserted prior to placing braces. Because the appliance is cemented, it distalizes the maxillary 1st molars with light continuous forces.

In a four to six month period, the molars are distalized into a “super-corrected” relationship. A smaller fixed appliance (the nance) is used to hold the molars in their newly corrected relationship. The upper bicuspids and cuspids drift or erupt into a more distalized relationship following the molars.

This can dramatically shorten the treatment time that is needed in braces and reduce compliance issues.

Severe Class II treated without extractions using pendulum appliance prior braces



Gained room for blocked out upper right permanent cuspid in addition to achieving Class II correction…treatment time in braces will be considerably shortened

(Before Pendulum Appliance)

(After Pendulum Appliance)

(Final results after braces)

Upper occlusal before and after pendulum

Pendulum appliance used to block out teeth



Before and after occlusal view