Getting Started

Our Patient Portal is presented to you, our orthodontic patient, to make your experience with us is a bit more seamless and efficient.

If you ever have a question about your experience or are have questions about completing any of the forms, always feel free to call (215) 643-9640.

When you are ready, you can contact us to Schedule a Consultation.

The Process of Orthodontics

Your initial consultation begins with a brief tour of our office. Our clinical coordinator will escort you to one of our private rooms so that we may get to know you. You will be asked to provide information and complete paperwork concerning your dental and health history.

We will also ask you to sign a HIPAA form. This allows us to discuss your treatment with your general dentist or other dental specialists. These forms are available for download on this site for your convenience. Click HERE to complete forms.

At your initial consultation, Dr. Gupton does a thorough examination, discusses her findings and makes recommendations for your treatment. Complementary x-rays are taken, as needed, to give Dr. Gupton the additional information she may need to formulate a treatment plan and to ensure there are no hidden findings such as missing or impacted teeth. At the time of your consultation, all procedures and fees are discussed along with a schedule for your treatment. The consultation visit is complementary. No fees are incurred until treatment is started.

Checking with your insurance carrier prior to your visit to verify orthodontic benefits will help us determine your financial responsibilities. We can also check your coverage at the time of your initial visit as long as you bring your insurance information with you.

Timing of Initial Evaluation
The American Association of Orthodontists suggests an orthodontic screening at age 7. At this time the permanent first molars and several front teeth have usually erupted and the posterior bite is established. This enables us to evaluate anterior-posterior and transverse relationships.

The initial evaluation will discuss if you or your child has an underbite, overjet, crossbite, crowding, deep bite, openbite, or habits that are contributing to the malocclusion. Many times with children, no treatment is the best option and we just continue to monitor growth, development, and eruption.

Patient Forms

We are excited to meet you!

Please print and fill out these forms and bring them with you on your first visit.